Jiada Precision Industry

JPIC Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

JPIC is committed to the practical application of plastic welding, cutting and ultrasonic metal welding as well as its own product development and manufacturing company.

The team is composed of strong engineers. On the basis of innovative technology and practical experience, it has also become an important design, manufacturing and service partner for domestic automotive parts and electronics factories.

CNC-related precision processing, but also the introduction of precision CNC machine (3.4.5 axis), in various parts, molds, related processing, to provide customers with more diversified services.

In line with the market demand trend, break the industry's product sales and product manufacturing sub service tradition!


  • Household Equipment

  • Telecommunication Engineering

  • Electronic Engineering

  • Food industry

  • Packaging industry

  • Medical Equipment Manufacturer

  • Factory and Machinery Engineering

  • Textile Manufacturer

  • Car Parts Manufacturer

Short delivery time Professional consultation CNC precision machining Measuring and mould processing Non-standard and electromechanical equipment design and manufacturing

our service

  • CNC precision machining


  • 7-axis Ultrasound Application ROBOT

    (7-axis 超音波應用ROBOT)

  • Ultrasound application of non-standard machine


  • Friction and vibration mould